Results of the recent Denver highway speed enforcement operation

Results of the recent Denver highway speed enforcement operation

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Those who live or travel in Colorado’s suburbs and the Greater Denver-Metro region know what it is like to navigate state roads and highways. Car accidents caused by drunk drivers and speeding remain high in this area, prompting law enforcement to launch a highway speed enforcement event.

In these early months of 2021, the Denver area has already seen two fatal vehicle accidents and five crashes resulting in significant injuries. Enforcement agencies that participated in the operation include:

  • Denver police department
  • Colorado state patrol
  • Aurora police department
  • Arvada police department
  • Lakeside police department
  • Greenwood police department
  • Lakewood police department

The operation occurred on March 3, resulting in 765 total citations for an array of traffic offenses. Although the event targeted those exceeding the speed limit, it also led to five arrests on DUI charges.

Other notable results of the highway safety event

The hard work of local and state law enforcement caught many drivers violating an array of offenses. These include the following.

  • The police issued 351 citations for driving at least 20 mph over the speed limit.
  • Four drivers received a citation for driving more than 100 mph.
  • Nine commercial motor vehicles underwent inspections during the event. However, the news story did not report on the outcome of these inspections.

It is good to see law enforcement in the state working to improve safety for residents and visitors. Victims of car accidents caused by drunk drivers or speeding can also play a role in roadway safety by holding those responsible for negligent automobile crashes to account. Often, pursuing an accident claim with legal guidance is an effective way to accomplish this goal.