The surprising beliefs that drunk drivers hold

The surprising beliefs that drunk drivers hold

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Do any of the people you know drive after consuming one or more drinks? Do they say they are sober enough to drive responsibly? Have you ever seen anyone you know drive erratically after consuming alcoholic beverages?

There is a good chance that you answered yes to the three questions above. Nearly everyone in the nation has seen or felt the impact of drunken driving. Despite efforts by federal and local lawmakers, getting a handle on the problem remains out-of-reach.

How does the public feel they are doing when it comes to drinking and driving?

Not surprisingly, many who choose to get behind the wheel after drinking believe they are doing fine. Below are several unsettling statistics provided by The Zebra about the public’s viewpoint on drinking and driving:

  • Over one-quarter of survey participants said that it takes three or more alcoholic drinks to affect their driving.
  • More than 6% of participants said it takes over five drinks to make them unsafe behind the wheel.
  • Nearly 20% of survey respondents admit to taking the wheel while buzzed.
  • In a spot of good news, over 30% of participants said they do not drive after consuming alcohol.

Regardless of how people feel about their ability to drink and drive, the Colorado statistics are telling: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1500 Colorado victims died due to alcohol-involved driving between 2009 and 2018.

What can you do if you fall victim to a drunk driver?

Obviously, you never want to contribute to the problem by driving while intoxicated yourself. However, that can’t totally prevent you from being involved in a drunk driving accident. If you have suffered severe injuries in a car accident caused by drunk driving, consider exercising your legal right to file a lawsuit. When more people seek justice, those who drink and drive may be more likely to stop these dangerous and negligent behaviors.