How old is too old to divorce?

How old is too old to divorce?

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You may be in your 60s, 70s or 80s, but does that mean that you’re too old to get a divorce? Not necessarily. In fact, many people do choose to divorce at this age for various reasons. Whether you’re a healthy 80-year-old woman who wants to keep doing the things you love while your ex-spouse takes another path or you’re in your 60s and looking to start fresh, divorce is a possibility.

While you may have someone tell you that you’re too old to divorce or turn heads by saying that you want to leave a partner of many years, the reality is that you may have many years left to live and should be able to live them the way you want. If you no longer enjoy the company of your spouse or have different goals, then it may be time to opt into divorce.

Finances should be part of the discussion when you’re older and divorcing

Finances do need to be part of the discussion if you think you want a divorce when you’re over the age of 50. Your ability to work, the need for spousal support, the ages of your children and other factors may influence if a divorce is really the right choice at the moment.

You and your spouse need to look into your retirement accounts, Social Security, stocks and other financial assets to see how much is available and if you can both sustain a comfortable retirement if you divorce. Some people find that they cannot, so they opt to have a legal separation instead. Looking at the full financial picture will help you decide if divorcing is worth the strain on your finances or if it’s better to stay together, at least financially.

Divorce is appropriate at any age, depending on the circumstances

Divorces are appropriate at any age, because anyone can decide that they no longer want to be married and that they’re ready to move on. If you are financially independent, can handle living alone and want to move forward separate from your spouse, then a divorce may be the right option for you even at this age.