The deadly practice of street racing can claim innocent victims

The deadly practice of street racing can claim innocent victims

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Street racing (also known as drag racing) has been around for a long time. Sadly, despite laws against it, it still occurs on our streets. It can have deadly results – not just for those involved in the race, but for bystanders and people who have the misfortune to also be using the road during a race.

That’s what happened earlier this month in downtown Denver. A mother of two was making a food delivery when she was struck by a man in an SUV. Police say he was racing a pickup truck. She died at the scene and others were injured, including a person on foot who was hit by debris from the crash.

Penalties for street racing vary throughout the state

Drivers who engage in street racing in Denver can get 12 points on their licenses, have their vehicles impounded and face fines of nearly $1,000. That’s if no one is harmed. The driver who caused the fatal crash this month is facing charges of vehicular homicide and assault as well as a DUI charge.

Street racing laws vary somewhat by jurisdiction, even within our area. After a large street race shut down a highway in March, Aurora’s city council is now considering stricter penalties. This includes the impounding of vehicles, which that city currently doesn’t do. Colorado Springs lawmakers are considering a similar measure.

After the deadly crash this month, Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said, “The consequences of drag racing are real and I hope that the next time someone considers racing that they think of [the victim] and how this careless act changed the lives of her loved ones and our community.”

Although police departments across the state are trying to crack down on illegal street racers, it’s still too easy for innocent people to get hurt by this deadly practice. If you have been seriously injured or a loved one has been killed, the driver can and should be held criminally accountable. However, you can also seek compensation to cover your medical costs and other expenses and damages. An experienced attorney can help you seek justice in Colorado’s civil court system.