3 major warning signs that you’re headed for gray divorce

3 major warning signs that you’re headed for gray divorce

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Quite a few people erroneously believe that divorce is something that happens to young people. They think of divorce as a sign that a couple married when they were incompatible or for the wrong reasons. However, modern statistics show that the opposite comprises the current trend.

Younger couples are less likely to divorce now than they were a few years ago, while older couples are increasingly likely to decide to call it quits. Some people who get divorced after decades of marriage don’t see it coming, but often there are warning signs that your marriage isn’t as healthy as it could be.

  1. You have differing values

The personal values, political views and even religious beliefs of an individual may change over their lifetime. Although you and your spouse may have agreed on all major issues when you originally got married or you didn’t care enough about any one issue for it to affect the way you related to each other, that may not still be true.

As your personalities and beliefs change, you could eventually find that you don’t get along well anymore due to those gradual changes in your value systems.

  1. You stayed together for the kids, but they have moved out

Whether you initially got married due to a surprise pregnancy or you chose to stay in the marriage because you didn’t want a divorce to damage your children, your motivation to stay married because of your children won’t last indefinitely.

Once your kids move out and start families of their own, you and your spouse start envisioning different futures.

  1. There is a big difference in health or sex drives

Age affects everyone differently, and couples with significant age gaps may be particularly vulnerable to the changes of time. For example, if one spouse has severe health issues, that might lead to the other spouse resenting them or wanting to file for divorce.

If one spouse has experienced a decline or complete loss of sex drive while the other still craves physical intimacy, that can also be a real problem in a long-term marriage.

A gray divorce can have financial and social implications that lead to short-term difficulties. However, when the alternative is spending several more decades in a relationship that isn’t healthy or fulfilling, you may find that chasing your passion rather than redoubling your commitment to an unhappy marriage may be the best approach to your golden years.