Who’s liable when a drunk driver causes an accident?

Who’s liable when a drunk driver causes an accident?

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If someone chooses to drive while impaired, they’re making a decision that could lead to injuries and deaths. If they happen to make a mistake on the road, they could hit others and cause significant damage.

It’s not always just the drunk driver who is to blame for that collision, which is something that victims should understand. In some cases, the owner of a location where the driver got alcohol could be liable as well. For example, a bar that continued to serve someone who was obviously intoxicated could potentially be held liable for giving them additional alcohol or for not taking their keys. A business that sold alcohol to someone who was underage might be to blame as well.

Liability in a drunk driving collision matters

Liability isn’t always straightforward in crash cases, but one thing to remember is that the driver may not be the only one responsible. For instance, if the driver was drugged by someone and it’s shown that they didn’t know, then that individual, when found, may also be part of your claim. Similarly, a bar or store might be partially liable if they provided alcohol to a minor or to someone who should not have had it.

To prove that someone other than the driver is to blame, you will need to show that they breached their duty in some way, such as by giving further alcohol to someone who was already intoxicated. Keep in mind that for your personal injury claim, you don’t have to wait for a conviction for drunk driving or any other penalties to be applied in criminal court. However, your attorney might suggest that you wait to finalize your claim if a conviction or further information could help you get more compensation.

Get to know the laws to help your case

Knowing how the law works is important, because with multiple parties potentially responsible, the opportunity to obtain greater compensation could be present. After suffering serious injuries in a car accident, it’s worth investigating all of your options to get as much compensation as possible to cover your lost wages, injuries and other losses.