Driver in fatal 2015 DUI convicted of DWAI

Driver in fatal 2015 DUI convicted of DWAI

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Why do drunk driving laws exist? Three of the main reasons are to keep roadways safer, to punish those who disregard the safety of others and to deter people from driving under the influence. Deterrence is one of the top perceived benefits of drunk driving laws, but many past offenders continue to drive while incapacitated.

In 2015, a motorist under the influence of alcohol lost control of his car and collided head-on with another vehicle in Arapahoe County. The driver of the other vehicle died because of the crash. The intoxicated motorist pled guilty to vehicular homicide DUI and received a ten-year prison sentence. In 2020, the driver transitioned out of prison—first into community corrections and then to an intensive supervision program.

New incident occurred at a restaurant drive-thru

Despite his punishment, the man committed another alcohol-involved traffic violation in January of this year. An Aurora restaurant called the police because a motorist was unconscious in one of their drive-thru lanes. Responding officers found the man in the driver’s seat of the running vehicle with the keys in the ignition. On July 29, a court convicted the motorist on charges of DWAI. No one was injured in the incident.

Drunk driving laws can and do prevent many car crashes caused by drunk drivers. However, it may take more to stop people from driving while intoxicated. In many cases, pursuing injury litigation against an offender in addition to whatever criminal penalties they face can help with deterrence. Any compensation that you obtain through litigation can help you continue managing the costs of medical treatment and other expenses associated with your injuries.