Drowsiness, drugs and alcohol: Common driving impairments

Drowsiness, drugs and alcohol: Common driving impairments

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There are many people who do things they shouldn’t before getting behind the wheel of their vehicle. They might drink. They might do drugs. They may even drive after staying up all night to get something important done.

All of these people put others in harm’s way when they choose to drive.

Drugged, drowsy and drunk driving are all as dangerous as each other. Did you know that drowsiness is the cause behind around 21% of all fatal crashes? Alcohol is thought to be behind around 30% of all fatal crashes. Drugged, drunk or drowsy driving all have a few factors in common. First, they make it so that the driver is not completely aware of what they’re doing. Second, they make it hard for the driver to pay attention or to react to stimuli. Third, they make it more likely that the driver will pass out or crash due to impaired vision.

It’s dangerous to drive while impaired in any way

It’s not just alcohol that puts people at risk. Drugs and drowsiness cause similar effects that may lead to crashes. When someone is impaired, there is a negative effect on their:

  • Attention span
  • Judgment
  • Decision-making capabilities
  • Vigilance
  • Reaction time
  • Coordination

It’s essential to make sure that you and those you love are only driving when you’re sure that you’re able to do so safely.

Drugged and drunk driving are similar to drowsy driving

Drunk or drugged drivers have some similarities with drowsy drivers. Drowsy driving, like drunk or drugged driving, may decrease alertness and change the way people make decisions. In fact, after just 18 hours of being awake, drivers have reactions and coordination at the same level as someone with a .05% blood alcohol concentration. At 20 hours, that goes up to .08%, the same as the legal limit for alcohol intoxication.

If someone hits you while they’re impaired, whether that’s due to drinking and driving, being drugged behind the wheel or not getting enough sleep, they can be held liable for any damage or injuries that they caused. You should seek out fair compensation because their actions were reckless.