Can technology prevent drunk driving crashes?

Can technology prevent drunk driving crashes?

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Vehicles come equipped with many different onboard technologies these days. Some of them can help you be aware of individuals or objects along your car’s blind spots, and others can let you know if you travel out of your lane. These are only two (of many) examples of how technology has made driving safer in recent years.

There’s some technology that few motorists know exists unless they’ve had the misfortune of knowing someone who’s faced drunk driving charges and had an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in their vehicle. There is other technology that can detect drunk driving and hopefully curb future alcohol-related accidents in the future.

Technology on the market that aims to curb drunk driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) constantly monitors the market for that technology. The non-profit organization has identified over 240 products currently on the market that have the potential of limiting drunk driving accidents, including:

  • Driver assessment technology: MADD found at least 77 devices that can monitor a motorist’s driving patterns.
  • Tracking devices: MADD researchers discovered at least 122 products currently on the market that aid in tracking motorist’s eye and head movement.
  • Alcohol content detection units: MADD found at least 42 devices on the market that have the capability of detecting how intoxicated an individual may be, either by touch or breath.

Law enforcement officers are already using some of these technologies to identify suspected drunk drivers or confirm whether they’re intoxicated. Many of these devices are also available to consumers to help assess whether they’re too intoxicated to get behind the wheel.

Some of this technology is not widely available and/or affordable for consumers. Remember that you have the right to seek compensation if a drunk motorist strikes and injures you.