Report: Colorado ranks 25th for fatal accidents

Report: Colorado ranks 25th for fatal accidents

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Those living in Colorado may wonder where they rank in terms of dangerous roadways, and a report has recently come out placing the state about as close to the middle of the pack as it is possible to get. Colorado ranked 25th in deadly accidents. 

This was found by looking at the total deaths per 100 million miles. There were 1.09. Sorting the statistics this way allows states like Colorado to be accurately compared to both dense population centers, like New York or California, and against low population areas, such as Wyoming or South Dakota.

How do these accidents happen?

Many of these accidents are due to impaired driving. For every 1,000 drivers in the state, the report found that there were 4.64 impaired driving arrests. This could indicate the use of either alcohol or marijuana, along with a host of other drugs. In any case, this ranking was a fairly high one, showing that impaired driving happens more in Colorado than in many other states. 

If there’s one road to avoid, it’s US-160. There have been 135 deaths on that road alone in the last decade, and it’s the deadliest road in Colorado. 

Has this impacted your family?

Have you lost a loved one in a car accident or a drunk driving accident in Colorado? Were you seriously injured in a crash? You may have high medical bills for your treatment, lost wages for the time you’re missing at work, and a lot of other costs — including future ones — to consider. Make sure you know exactly what you can do to seek compensation from the driver who caused the crash.