3 common mistakes in divorce proceedings 

3 common mistakes in divorce proceedings 

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The divorce procedure can often be trying for all parties involved. Frequently, issues such as child custody, property division and business ownership may be highly contentious.

Occasionally, the pressure of divorce proceedings may lead to some big mistakes. Outlined below are three common mistakes to look out for in divorce proceedings.

Attempting to hide assets or earnings

Frequently, a spouse may be under the impression that hiding assets or earnings may be of financial benefit. However, Colorado marital property laws require full disclosure of relevant debts, income and assets. In fact, any attempt to hide assets will generally be frowned upon by the courts and could even place you in a worse financial and legal position.

Making decisions based on anger or spite

It is possible that high levels of conflict could exist between you and your spouse. In turn, this may lead to decisions being made out of spite or as an act of revenge. However, such decisions are unlikely to be of any benefit to you. Your frustration and anger may well be justified, but it will not be a priority of the courts. Judges will usually prioritize dividing assets and property in a manner that is fair. Additionally, where children are involved, the main focus of the courts will be to implement rulings that are in the best interests of the child.

Making negative comments on social media

Social media can be a useful way of venting frustrations and sharing important life events with friends and family. However, it is important to remember the public aspect of social media platforms. Negative comments on social media will typically be of no benefit and could even weaken your negotiating position.

Being aware of the common mistakes made during divorce proceedings could help to protect you. It is also important to remember that you have legal rights, such as hiring a divorce lawyer in Denver throughout the process.