Can pedestrians be held liable for accident injuries or death?

Can pedestrians be held liable for accident injuries or death?

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You might be surprised to learn two vital facts about Colorado pedestrian accidents. They are not always the fault of the driver, and the law does not always favor the pedestrian.

When an accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian occurs, most people naturally believe the driver caused the crash. They assume that pedestrians would always be on the lookout for traffic. Unfortunately, this belief causes some injured drivers to refrain from seeking adequate compensation following such accidents.

Pedestrians always have the right of way, correct?

In many situations, pedestrians certainly have the right of way. However, they can still be responsible for an accident by breaking traffic laws or behaving negligently.

For example, say a drunken pedestrian ignores traffic signals, lunging into the road in front of your vehicle. You likely have only two options when this happens, both potentially endangering you, the pedestrian and other citizens.

  1. You can attempt to brake quickly to avoid hitting the pedestrian.
  2. You can swerve or take other steps to avoid harming the pedestrian.

In this example, the pedestrian may be liable for any injuries you suffered due to their intoxication and disregard for traffic laws. Like drivers, pedestrians must exercise reasonable care for their safety and that of others.

Establishing pedestrian fault for driver injuries in a collision between the two would likely pose significant challenges. However, when your injuries are severe or someone you love died, proving pedestrian liability can help you acquire the financial compensation you deserve.

We urge you to seek guidance with your personal injury or accident claim. It is also critical to learn more about accident and injury laws in the Greater Denver metro region.