3 ways your use of social media could impact your divorce

3 ways your use of social media could impact your divorce

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Social media has made it easier than ever before in human history for people to remain connected. However, as with any other technology, social media can cause problems as easily as it can help you.

What are some of the ways that social media can influence your marriage — and your potential for a divorce?

Social media can directly lead to a divorce

There are two ways that social media can contribute to a couple’s likelihood of divorcing. The first is by making previous partners and possible future romantic interests instantly accessible at any time.

The second is by making people feel compelled to scroll through their feeds, which may impact the quality time that they spend with their spouses. Improper or excessive use of social media could directly lead to your divorce.

Social media could hurt the way you look to the courts

What you post online and even what you share in private messages to others could eventually come back to haunt you. Your ex or their attorney will likely go over your social media feed to look for evidence of infidelity or content that makes you look dangerous and threatening. Many people choose to stop using social media during their divorce so that they don’t give their ex any ammunition in court.

Social media could help you prove a point about your ex

Just like your social media posts could imperil your legal position, your spouse’s social media use could affect their case, too. Bragging about their financial good luck while claiming hardship in court or showing off their extra-marital affair partner are a couple of examples of how your ex’s social media content could help you gather evidence for your divorce.

Understanding what factors could help or hurt your position in a divorce can lead to better decisions and a better divorce outcome for you.