How to spot an impaired driver

How to spot an impaired driver

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The majority of road users across Colorado utilize the roads each day without incident. This is often because of safe driving practices and courtesy towards other people.

Unfortunately, good driving habits are not always enough to keep you safe. Ultimately, you cannot control the actions of others, but the behavior of others can directly affect you when traveling. One of the biggest safety hazards posed to road users is impaired drivers. In fact, one person dies in a drunk-driving crash every hour in the United States. Recognizing the common signs of an impaired driver could help to ensure your safety.

Increased braking could be a sign of an impaired driver

Drivers who know they are over the limit will often go out of their way to mask this from the authorities. However, they tend to overcompensate when attempting to stay under the speed limit. A vehicle that is not keeping up with the flow of traffic can be just as much of a threat as someone who exceeds the speed limit.

Staying too close to the centerline

Impaired drivers tend to swerve across the road and they may try to combat this by hugging the centerline. While this may keep them on a straight path, it does not negate the negative impact that substances have on driving ability and reaction times.

A series of traffic violations

In general, impaired drivers are less likely to be able to follow the rules of the road. Minor traffic violations such as failing to turn headlights on at nighttime, or driving the wrong way down a one–way street, could be a sign that a driver has consumed too much alcohol. Unfortunately, the violations can be more serious in nature at times, resulting in severe crashes and catastrophic injuries.

In Colorado, the roads should be as safe as possible. If you have been injured in a road traffic collision, there may be legal options available to you.