Why impaired drivers pose such a great risk 

Why impaired drivers pose such a great risk 

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Cyclists, pedestrians and drivers typically make their way around Colorado each day without getting into an accident. Sadly, not everyone is this fortunate. 

Even at the best of times, traveling within the vicinity of other vehicles can be risky. One factor that heightens the potential for deadly collisions is impaired drivers. Dozens of people are killed in drunk-driving incidents across the country each day, with many more suffering serious injuries. 

Why is it that impaired drivers are so dangerous? Here are three main reasons:

Intoxication affects someone’s visual acuity

It goes without saying that people need to be able to see where they are going to remain safe. Alcohol impairment has the potential to significantly affect a person’s vision. 

Without optimal eyesight, a person may not be able to see pedestrians, other road users as well as potential hazards. Simply put, an impaired driver simply can’t always see what they’re doing very clearly.

Alcohol impairs a person’s judgment

When faced with multiple hazards at any one time, drivers need to be able to rely on good judgment. It is no secret that intoxication can cause people to do things they may not have done when sober, and this includes when operating a vehicle. One momentary lapse in concentration or a bad call can have catastrophic consequences when driving. 

Intoxication also reduces reaction times

Delayed reaction times are common when someone has been drinking. In addition, alcohol decreases a person’s fine and gross motor skills. All of that can make it harder to manage your vehicle.

All in all, around 10,000 deaths are caused by alcohol-related crashes each year. This makes the risk associated with impaired drivers a topic that is worthy of careful consideration. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, it may benefit you to take note of your legal rights.