Divorce on the horizon? The pros and cons of hiring a private divorce judge

Divorce on the horizon? The pros and cons of hiring a private divorce judge

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You have spent your entire career building up your wealth and accruing valuable assets. If you know that a divorce is imminent, then, you are probably considering all of the options available to you that could help you to navigate the divorce process as smoothly as possible. Before filing your divorce petition, it may be a good idea to take a moment to consider the advantages and drawbacks of hiring a private judge to administer your divorce.

Are private judges legitimate?

Colorado law specifically allows private parties to hire a retired or resigned judge to preside over a private legal action. As long as you and your spouse both agree, you can hire a private judge to take care of your divorce, and their holdings will have the same legal authority as if you had gone through a public divorce court.

What can a private judge do for me?

Perhaps the greatest advantage to using a private judge is the greater measure of privacy that they can afford you. Rather than litigating your divorce in a public court, where your financial disclosures and other potentially sensitive matters are out in the open, you can resolve your divorce in a private setting.

Another considerable advantage of a private judge is the flexibility and speed with which you can get through the divorce process. Instead of scheduling hearings according to the availability of a public court, you can have hearings on your own timetable. You could even hold these hearings in the comfort of your own home, if desired.

What’s the drawback?

As you might imagine, paying the fees of a private judge, in addition to the attorney fees of both spouses, can be quite expensive. The considerable cost means that this option may not be within the means of many couples.

In preparation for such a large and potentially devastating event, it is prudent to consider all of your options. If feasible, a private judge may be what you need to conclude your marriage as efficiently as possible.