How valuable is a wrongful death claim?

How valuable is a wrongful death claim?

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If you have lost a loved one in an accident, you may be interested in pursuing a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death claim may help you or other family members recover compensation that helps you cover your losses related to your loved one’s death. This claim may help you be compensated and provide money for lost income, funeral costs, medical expenses and more.

When determining how much money you should get out of the case, there are a few factors that insurers will consider. Those may include:

  • The gender identity of the person who passed away. A person’s sex or gender identity tends to set the scene for how much they may have earned in the future, especially when considering their job, profession, training and educational level.
  • The person’s actual occupation and earnings. Looking at their earning’s history and any future prospects will help an insurance provider determine the value of a wrongful death claim. If you have to go to court, this information may help you get the compensation that is needed more easily.
  • The deceased’s age. Depending on how old someone is, their future earnings may vary. Usually, the younger a person is, the more compensation the family will be able to seek.

Every case is unique, so it’s hard to say exactly how much your loved one’s case will be worth. That’s why it’s important to consider factors like these.

You have two years to make your wrongful death claim

If you are related to the deceased and have financial losses as a result of their death, you may be able to make a claim. If you would like to make a wrongful death claim and seek compensation, you will need to do so within two years based on the statute of limitations in Colorado.

Is it worth making a claim for your loved one’s wrongful death?

It is usually worth seeking compensation from the insurer after your loved one’s death, because the other party is responsible for the financial and personal losses you now face. Every case has a different value, but your case should help cover at least a portion of the losses that your family is dealing with.

If you are interested in making a claim for your loved one’s death due to the negligence of another, get in touch with a Westminster wrongful death lawyer to help you and your loved ones get the compensation that you deserve.