You’re never too old to consider a divorce

You’re never too old to consider a divorce

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Getting divorced later in life is becoming more common, which is something that you should keep in mind as you age with your spouse. If you and your spouse have decided that you aren’t on the same path and may not have the same understanding, tolerance or goals any longer, then it could make sense for you to think that a divorce is the right choice.

A gray divorce, or one that happens when you’re older or an empty nester, can have some unique complications. You may have to focus more on your budget, retirement accounts or investments rather than child custody issues, for example. For that reason, it’s smart to get to know your legal rights and to take a look at how your divorce could affect you long-term.

Why are divorces happening much later in life today?

One of the reasons why divorces are happening later is because people are getting married later in life. Another common reason is that people are living longer. As a result, both spouses work for longer and can be more financially independent. So, if the marriage no longer serves them in a positive way, it’s easier for them to separate and walk away.

The divorce stigma isn’t what it used to be

In the past, getting a divorce was stigmatized. However, today, it’s much more common and fairly normal. It’s not uncommon to meet people who have divorced at least once in the past, if not more than once.

You can move forward even if you divorce later in life

While it may be frustrating to go through a gray divorce late in your life, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to resolve the problems you’re dealing with. Since it’s possible that you and your spouse are in a better financial position and could still have many years of working left ahead of you, it makes sense to consider divorce if you are struggling in your marriage. While divorces aren’t for everyone, those who feel that they would like to date new people or separate for their own happiness may find that it’s the right choice for them, even when they are already past a certain age. Consider speaking with an experienced Denver divorce lawyer to explore your options.