No apparent reason for a crash? Consider these options

No apparent reason for a crash? Consider these options

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Not all car crashes have an obvious cause. If you suffer a blow to the head, it can make things even harder, as you may not remember much at all. 

Yet there is always a reason for a crash, and discovering it will be crucial to getting the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Multiple factors can contribute to a crash

Even when there appears to be a clear reason for the crash, it is crucial to investigate further. Let’s say, for example, you were traveling a few miles per hour over the speed limit. The other party may seize on that to put all the blame for the crash on you. While breaking the law will harm your case, that does not mean it is why the crash occurred. People often break the speed limit and get home safely.

Here are some factors that could have played a role:

  • Distraction: If the other driver was using their phone, they might have pulled out across you without checking their mirrors first.
  • Alcohol or drugs: Maybe the other driver tested negative on the breathalyzer. Yet alcohol affects people’s ability to drive long before that. If the other driver was tired or rarely drinks, one glass of wine might have been enough for them to drift across the line into your path.
  • Tiredness: It pays to investigate the other driver. If you find out they had just come off a double shift, there is a fair chance they were too tired to drive safely. If their eyes closed momentarily, they might have relaxed their hold on the wheel and veered into you.

If the other party finds you were at fault in some way, they may try to close the case then and there. Getting help to understand all the factors that contributed to a car crash will be crucial to getting compensation.