There are no excuses when it comes to drunk driving

There are no excuses when it comes to drunk driving

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If a drunk driver injures you, they will almost certainly try to defend or excuse their actions. They are desperate to get compensation for any injuries they suffer and avoid prosecution by the police.

You know they had been drinking, they know they had been drinking, and the police know they had been drinking. How could they possibly try to avoid taking responsibility for the crash that injured you?

Drunk drivers are not interested in the truth — they are interested in protecting themselves

Here are some of the arguments they might come up with

  • They try to blame you for the crash: They may look to prove you were speeding, distracted or committed any other error. Their argument might be, yes, I might have had a drink, but the crash only happened because of something you did.
  • They claim they thought they were safe to drive: A drunk driver might say they only had a couple of drinks. Or they might blame someone else for serving them a larger measure or stronger percentage drink than they realized. Any amount of alcohol affects the ability to drive safely. The blood alcohol content limit is not a magic point where someone suddenly forgets how to drive. It is merely a cut-off point that allows the police to charge anyone over it automatically with drunk driving.

A drunk driver is a risk to everyone, so holding them responsible for their actions is essential. They have a lot at stake, so be prepared for them to fight hard to escape their responsibility. Get legal help to understand all your compensation options and fight for the full amount you are entitled to.