Can someone be addicted to their phone?

Can someone be addicted to their phone?

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There are a lot of addictions that can increase the risks on the road. Someone who is addicted to alcohol may be more likely to hit you while they are under the influence. Someone who is addicted to illegal drugs may also be impaired when they cause an accident. You could be seriously injured or lose a loved one in these crashes.

But what about something that seems a bit more innocent, such as a cellphone? We know that distracted driving is a serious issue and that it causes a lot of accidents every year. Thousands of people are injured or killed in these crashes. It is often assumed that these drivers are making the choice to use their phone in the car, leading to this distraction, but is the real problem that they are addicted?

It can happen in some cases

It is certainly possible for someone to be addicted to the phone, and some studies have said that roughly 6% of the population likely is. For those under 30 years old, reports put this closer to 16%. This can lead to the compulsive use of a cellphone, which can be problematic in situations in which that constitutes a driving distraction.

For instance, a teenager may get in the car with the full intent of keeping their eyes on the road. They may set the cellphone on the passenger seat next to them as they drive to school or to work. But if they hear that phone buzz or ring on the other seat, their addiction could cause them to instinctively look over or reach for the phone. This increases the level of distraction and they could then cause an accident.

The big problem with this type of addiction is that there’s only so much that can be done to get people to drive safely. You can make texting and driving illegal or you can put young drivers through educational courses to tell them about the dangers of distracted driving, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not going to do it. If they are dependent on the phone and act compulsively around it, they may do things that they regret or that they know are dangerous.

Seeking financial compensation

This is just one of the major risks that you face every time you drive, as you have to share the road with these other drivers. Be sure you know how to seek compensation if you’re injured.