Considerations when Moving with Children After Divorce

Considerations when Moving with Children After Divorce

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Going through a divorce means that one or both parents will have to move out of the marital home. Making this move is likely going to be a huge undertaking. There are many factors that you have to consider when you’re doing this.

If you’re the parent who’s moving with the children, you need to put their needs first. Focusing on making this transition as easy as possible is important. It may also behoove you to work with your co-parent to introduce the move and tell the child what’s going to happen after the move.

Remain Positive and Honest

Children take their cues about how to handle situations from their parents. Remaining positive about the move can help them to have a better outlook on it. Be sure that you’re being honest with them about what they can expect during and after the move. It may help them if you explain things ahead of time to them.

Consider Geographical Restrictions

While you won’t have to worry about this if you’re remaining in the immediate area, you will need to look into whether you have geographical restrictions on where you can move with the children or not. Those restrictions might require you to remain within the state until you reach an agreement with your co-parenting or get court approval to move out of the area. Speak with an experienced Denver family law attorney to explore your options.

You must ensure that you have the parenting time schedule and parenting plan set quickly, especially if you’re moving out of the area or out of state. Getting everything in order now can help the children to feel more secure as they learn to live life between two homes. These agreements may need to be creative, so be sure to think about what’s best for the children.