Drunk Driver Arrested After Mother and Daughter Die in Crash

Drunk Driver Arrested After Mother and Daughter Die in Crash

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Early in the evening on April 8th, a mother and her daughter lost their lives in a car accident in Colorado. The police believe the driver who caused the crash was under the influence and have made an arrest.

The mother was 41 years old and her daughter was only five years old. Reports show that the vehicle driven by the allegedly drunk driver crossed the centerline and entered oncoming traffic. It appears to have also run over a bicycle before hitting the car with four family members in it, although the cyclist jumped clear and was not injured. The drunk driver then slammed into a vehicle with that family inside, continued on, and hit two more cars at a light before stopping.

There was also a male passenger in the car, a minor, and he suffered serious injuries, although he did survive. The boy’s father was in the vehicle as well, and he is currently in critical condition. Both the mother and the younger daughter did not survive, though the daughter was transported to the hospital before she passed away.

Accidents like This are All Too Common

This is just one example of how fast a drunk-driving accident can happen and how serious the ramifications can be. In a split second, two people lost their lives and two other people have had their own lives changed forever. These types of accidents happen far too frequently and take thousands of lives every single year.

As a result, it is important for family members to understand all the legal options that they have. While financial compensation can never make up for what they have lost, it can help with funeral costs, medical costs and many other bills during such a difficult time. An experienced Westminster drunk driving accident lawyer can help with your claim.