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Divorce, strong emotions and car accidents

Motor vehicle wrecks happen for countless reasons, such as icy roads and improper vehicle maintenance. However, there are many other factors that can play a role in the likelihood of a driver causing a collision, and some of these factors are not given as much attention as drunk driving, for example. A driver who has recently been through a divorce or is experiencing emotional distress for some other reason (such as the loss of a loved one) may be more likely to cause a crash for different reasons, and it is imperative to be aware of these dangers if you are struggling with strong emotions behind the wheel.

Drivers who have recently split up with their marital partner may be depressed, angry or even tired because they have not been sleeping well in recent weeks. Moreover, some people may turn to alcohol or drugs to help them deal with these challenges, which can significantly increase the chances of a wreck due to intoxication. A driver who is having difficulty due to a recent divorce may lose their mental focus while behind the wheel and they may have a greater chance of making errors while on the road.

If you are struggling with intense emotions that could affect your ability to drive, you should stay off of the road until you have recovered and are able to drive safely. If you think that a driver who hit you was struggling with intense emotions due to a divorce, or for any other reason, this should not be ignored (especially if you decide to file suit).


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