Don’t Underestimate the Potential Cost of a Broken Bone

Don’t Underestimate the Potential Cost of a Broken Bone

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In the broad spectrum of injuries you could suffer in a car crash, a broken bone may be painful. The one silver lining is that a broken bone is less devastating than other possible impacts, such as spinal cord injuries or brain injuries. 

However, being grateful for the fact that your injuries could have been worse doesn’t mean you have to ignore the very real consequences that fractured or broken bones can have on your life. Broken bones can mean weeks or months of missed work compounded by substantial medical expenses.

Broken bones aren’t always simple to treat and quick to heal

Thanks to advances in modern trauma care, many people who suffer fractures, even severe fractures, can recover full function in the affected part of the body with proper treatment. The cleaner the break and the healthier the victim, the easier recovery will be.

Broken bones can be much more problematic for those with pre-existing medical conditions. There are also different kinds of breaks that can be harder to treat and present a more difficult path to recovery, such as open or compound fractures where the broken bone pierces the skin or spiral fractures where the bone may twist and possibly break in multiple places.

Even a simple fracture — that may only require a cast and therapy to help recover function and strength after the bone heals — can cost thousands of dollars. According to federal data about health care costs, a broken leg can easily cost as much as $7,500.

Look at the big picture when considering insurance offers regarding a broken bone

Insurance companies may be quick to offer a settlement check after someone suffers a broken bone or similar injury in a crash. However, their first offer may not be their best offer.

Consider your current medical bills and then remember that you will have therapy and additional care as your healing progresses. Then consider the expenses you will incur outside of a doctor’s office: lost wages if you can’t go to work with the broken bone or the expense of hiring someone to do things that you could usually handle around your house, such as caring for the yard.

All of these expenses will impact the amount of compensation you need. Whether you’re negotiating with an insurance company or bringing a personal injury claim after a serious car crash that hurt you, knowing the financial impact of your injury will help you better advocate for yourself.