How Colorado’s Vote on Family Leave Could Impact Family Law

How Colorado’s Vote on Family Leave Could Impact Family Law

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In the United States, very few states offer paid family leave to their workers. Colorado may become the ninth state to make this an entitlement for workers, depending on the outcome of an upcoming election. If passed, paid leave would be provided for childbirth and family medical emergencies. The details within this legislation could impact certain family law issues, such as child custody, support and related issues.

Paid leave is not a new conversation in the state. In fact, for the past six years, paid leave bills have been introduced by state lawmakers. However, they have not passed. During the upcoming election in the fall, voters will have the first opportunity to vote on the issue themselves; the results could make a significant impact in how Colorado families manage their affairs.

The move is certainly controversial, with a great deal of money being spent on advocacy for both sides. Business interests are among those who have concerns about the bill, as they feel the required leave would be burdensome for their companies. Some argue that an incentive program trying to get companies to offer their own program is a better alternative.

If the law does not pass, lawmakers say they will need to have a serious conversation as to why this was not the will of the people. If it does, however, it could be a significant change for many families. In some cases, the shift could mean circumstances change enough to take a second look at agreements related to child support or custody plans. It is a good idea to connect with a Colorado lawyer right away to understand and respond to the implications of any new family-related legislation.