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Aggressive drivers endanger lives

When a driver hits the open road while relaxed and alert, their patience makes them much safer drivers than anybody who is behind the while upset or rushed.

Simply put: Aggressive driving is dangerous. Whether a driver just rushes through traffic or is actually experiencing “road rage,” they put themselves and others at risk.

What behaviors are aggressive?

There are many behaviors that can be considered aggressive when a person is operating a motor vehicle. Some of these include:

  • Blocking cars that are trying to change lanes
  • Tailgating vehicles you think are driving too slowly
  • Speeding when there’s a lot of traffic
  • Driving through red lights or past stop signs
  • Changing lanes without using a turn signal
  • Cutting off other drivers
  • Doing a brake check on another vehicle

Extreme cases of aggressive driving can lead to road rage incidents. Some drivers get incredibly angry when they don’t get their way when they drive. They may curse or use rude gestures. Some may force other vehicles off the road or ram into them. These behaviors, along with those that are aggressive, can lead to crashes that cause harm to innocent people. 

If you’re injured in a crash caused by an aggressive driver, you should ensure that you get the medical care you need. You may decide to seek compensation to help offset the financial damages that you’re dealing with due to the wreck. This can include lost wages, medical bills and similar damages. Your attorney can help you to determine what types of damages are possible so you aren’t missing out on anything you deserve. 


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