Who is responsible for construction site cleanup?

Who is responsible for construction site cleanup?

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Construction projects hardly ever go seamlessly from start to finish. Even when everyone takes the utmost care and responsibility for their duty and workspace, some things just go wrong. Although most people may be under the assumption their responsibility for construction site cleanup is limited to the site itself, leaving debris on surrounding property may result in injury and a costly lawsuit.

Unless the project is new construction on a wide-open lot, urban construction projects are typically side-by-side with other buildings. Sidewalks and other publicly used space often surround these construction sites and make the responsibility for site cleanup even more important. In the event an individual is injured from debris or other construction byproducts while walking on the construction site’s surrounding space, they may be able to seek damages from the property owner or construction company.

First and foremost, the construction company doing the work has a responsibility to take important steps to keep the public safe while near the site. To do so, the construction company may have to take several steps including posting signs, removing debris and placing barriers around the construction site.

Keeping the surrounding space of a construction site clear of debris is usually not enough of a proactive measure when done alone. Construction companies should make every effort to keep pedestrians and other passersby safe when in the general vicinity of the construction site. By taking numerous steps to ensure the safety of the public, construction companies may better protect themselves from a lawsuit. Construction companies that are facing a lawsuit as the result of a pedestrian being injured while passing their construction site may want to speak with an experienced attorney about their case.