Divorce following the loss of a loved one

Divorce following the loss of a loved one

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People choose to end marriages for various reasons, from infidelity to hostility over lifestyle choices and habits. Sometimes, the loss of a loved one, such as a child, parent, or even sibling, can have such a strong impact on someone that it affects their life in other ways, such as creating challenges within their relationship, which ultimately leads to a divorce. If you and your spouse are splitting up after one of your family members passed away, or you are considering divorce due to disagreements and hostility, it is essential to be prepared for any obstacles that may arise.

If you or your spouse recently lost someone you love, your marriage may be affected in a number of ways. Not only could emotional hurdles have arisen, but you might even be going through financial struggles. It is important to try to separate these emotions from other parts of your life, such as your marriage or your divorce case.

Regardless of the reasons behind a couple’s decision to end their marriage, various legal matters can come up. For example, a couple may have strong disagreements over child custody arrangements, or struggle with spousal support or a child support order. With family law, it is vital for you to protect your interests and, if you have children, pursue an outcome in their best interests.

Our law office understands that divorce can be hard, especially when other emotional challenges have arisen, such as a loved one passing away. Our section on family law provides even more on different end of marriage topics.