What are counterfeit air bags?

Published By | Feb 10, 2018 | Personal Injury & Wrongful Death |

After an accident, there are many things for victims and their loved ones to consider, such as heading to court to hold a reckless driver responsible and recovering from the wreck. However, there are unique circumstances that may warrant a closer look. For example, someone may have had counterfeit air bags during the accident, which failed to deploy and protect them properly. Fake air bags may not only increase the likelihood of a driver sustaining injuries in a collision, but they can result in death as well.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration draws attention to some of the dangers of counterfeit air bags when a motor vehicle crash occurs, and they have been installed in some makes and models of vehicles. Moreover, those who have taken their vehicle to a repair shop in order to have the air bags replaced may also be more likely to have counterfeit air bags. Some people have also bought counterfeit air bags online and installed them in their vehicles. The NHTSA states that fake air bags have been shown to cause different problems, such as releasing shrapnel while they are deployed and failing to deploy altogether.

If you suspect that your vehicle may have counterfeit air bags, you may want to contact your vehicle’s manufacturer and have your vehicle inspected. Unfortunately, these fake air bags could have disastrous consequences when they are installed in a car that is involved in a crash. Victims of motor vehicle accidents should review any key factors that could have affected their circumstances when considering legal action.