When to watch out for drunk drivers in February

When to watch out for drunk drivers in February

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February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s rarely anyone’s favorite. Studies show that for decades, most Americans often view the second month as the worst one of the year. Many have had enough of the dark, sunless days or the inconvenient colder weather and just want to move on to spring.

The general hatred people have towards the month should be enough to warn cautious drivers to keep an eye out for drunk drivers the road, but the month is more dangerous than most Colorado residents realize. Even though many do not consider it a joyful month, there are still certain celebrations people have around this time that encourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages. They may not be close to Christmas or Thanksgiving levels of danger, but motorists should still be careful when they drive on these specific nights:

Super Bowl Sunday

The biggest American sports event of the year happens on the first Sunday in February. You might be even planning on attending or hosting a Super Bowl party yourself. Whether you are heading somewhere to root for your team or not, be cautious on all roads you drive on. Neighborhoods are packed to the brim with football parties and Denver has plenty of sports bars and regular bars that people will be watching the game in. According to BACtrack, the average BAC on 2014’s Super Bowl Sunday rivaled New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day.

Valentine’s Day

People find a reason to drink whether they love or loathe this holiday. Bachelors may drink to take away the pain of not having a partner, and those with partners may have a drink to celebrate their romance. Valentine’s Day may not always occur on a weekend day, but drivers should know that this may be one of the most emotional times of the year for many in the state. On top of drunk drivers, you should also keep an eye out for aggressive motorists who are letting the holiday get to them. Colorado has enough problems with them as it is.

President’s Day

Not all schools and companies take an extended weekend around the third Monday of the month, but enough do to the point where there’s danger on the road. There may not be as many drunk drivers as Labor Day, but the holiday taking place in February means you have additional hazards such as ice and snow to worry about. Any extended weekend during the year means there will be an excess of drunk drivers.

February may be a dreary month, but these holidays do allow for brief moments of enjoyment for many. If an intoxicated driver ruins your celebrations on these nights, consider your options on recovering both physically and financially.