Divorce: Factors both inside and outside of the marriage

Divorce: Factors both inside and outside of the marriage

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Divorce happens for a multitude of reasons. Cases are unique and complex. Couples split up in different manners, with a spectrum of attitudes and due to a range of causes.

It’s important to understand that no two cases are the same. At the same time, though, it can be helpful to look at some of the factors that contribute to divorce in one fashion or another. They can shed light on how divorce happens, why it happens and what steps people need to take.

It also shows that some of these factors come from within the marriage, while others are the result of outside pressure. In many instances, couples deal with both types of issues at the same time.

Financial instability

For many people, the goal of much of their lives is to seek financial stability. That’s why they work so hard. It’s why they went to college. Life is expensive, and they want to reduce their stress and at least become stable, if not wealthy.

When a family does not have that, it can lead to excessive stress and may break up the marriage. The instability could come from inside the family — if someone has poor spending habits, for instance. It could also come from outside of the family, such as when one spouse loses their job due to an economic recession.

Communication problems

Couples cannot thrive when they cannot communicate. Marriage is complex. You must worry about paying the bills, taking care of the children, giving each other emotional support, and much more. Couples that do not communicate well often feel like they’re drifting apart. Some experience a build up of resentment over time. This is especially true when they have problems with a spouse’s behavior but do not say anything about it.

While the communication issues themselves are an inside factor, they could start from outside forces. Perhaps these individuals never had good role models in their own parents and never learned to communicate. Without counseling, they may never do so.

Destructive behaviors

When one spouse deals with destructive behaviors, like addiction and abuse, the other spouse may not be able to support them. They may feel that they are in physical danger, that they’re emotionally overwhelmed or that they can’t find financial freedom.

Again, issues like addiction are largely interior factors. People may refuse to get professional help for alcohol and drug addictions. That said, outside factors play a role here, too. According to our Denver military divorce attorney, if one spouse is abusive after returning from the military, for instance, it may actually stem from the onset of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) without proper treatment.

Getting divorced

This is a small look at some of the reasons people get divorced. If you find yourself in this position for any reason, be sure you understand your legal options by speaking with a divorce attorney in Denver, Colorado.