Back-to-school is the perfect time to review parenting plans

Back-to-school is the perfect time to review parenting plans

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A new school year can be exciting for kids in Colorado as they buy new supplies, plan to reunite with friends and sign up for new activities. This is also a good time for divorced parents to review their parenting plan and make changes according to everyone’s new schedules.

FindLaw discusses three main rules that parents should follow in order for things to go smoothly. One is flexibility. Kids may have different activities than the previous year, and this can affect pick-up times or even the days of visitation. It is best if parents can be open to changing things for the good of their children’s schedules.

Keeping this in mind, however, keeping the plans as simple as possible is the best for everyone. If no new changes are happening, it may be the easiest to maintain the same custody and visitation schedule as before.

Parents may have made some concessions during the summer to accommodate vacations and time off, and they should begin planning now for upcoming breaks and holidays. Even though the temps are still warm, Thanksgiving will be here quickly, and there will be less stress and drama if parents work out holiday schedules ahead of time.

According to Forbes, parents should also discuss finances, as the school year typically calls for unexpected and additional expenses. Parents may choose to split everything evenly or according to each respective income, or they may decide on specific expenses each is responsible for.

When it comes to academics, it works the best when both parents are on the same page in regard to homework and grades. If each parent supports similar study habits and discipline strategies, there is a better chance the child will do well in school.