Colorado Introduces New Paid Time Off Business Law

Colorado Introduces New Paid Time Off Business Law

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As a business owner, it’s important to always stay on top of legislative or regulatory changes that may affect one’s business. Recently, Colorado introduced a new business law requiring paid time off for all employees in the state. News outlets have been reporting recently on the response business owners have had to the new law.

The act signed by the governor stipulates that all Colorado employees be entitled to up to 48 hours of paid sick leave. The amount of sick leave an employee is entitled to varies, depending on the number of hours worked; workers earn one hour of sick leave for every 40 hours of work, according to the law. This means that part-time employees will also have access to paid time off, the exact hours of which are based on their hours worked prior.

According to the bill, paid sick leave can be used for mental or physical illness, as well as a need to care for a family member with any issues. The reaction from business owners has been mixed. Advocacy groups claim that, while businesses are mainly responding favorably to having a clear system to care for their employees’ well-being, the cost is a concern for many.

Under the new law, businesses are required to keep detailed records of employees’ sick leave to prove their compliance. Most employers will be required to do this starting January 1, 2021, though those with fewer employees have an extension to 2022. Workers or business owners with legal concerns about this or other business law issues should contact an attorney of Ciancio Ciancio Brown, PC at 303-451-0300.