Research shows divorce can affect mental, physical health

Research shows divorce can affect mental, physical health

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The process of getting divorced in Colorado can no doubt be difficult to handle from a financial standpoint. However, it can be just as challenging on a mental and physical level. In fact, recent research shows that people’s mental and physical health will likely take a major hit during the months following the divorce process.

The recent research study indicated that divorced individuals are less inclined to socialize immediately following their marital breakups. In addition, they struggle with managing their emotions and have poorer mental and physical health overall. Furthermore, the study revealed that people who undergo a great deal of conflict during the divorce process are likely to experience poorer mental health after the divorce.

However, several factors were found to boost people’s physical and mental health following the divorce process. These include finding a new romantic partner and boosting one’s earning potential. In addition, being younger appeared to lead to better health outcomes for both women and men post-divorce. Often the recently divorced work on self-reflection and self-improvement, declutter, work on home improvement projects, get a new diet or exercise program, find a new therapist, meditate, move away from other toxic relationships, and find ways to show gratitude.

Divorce is never a simple process, but if two divorcing parties are able to find common ground when tackling divorce issues, this may help to alleviate the stress often associated with divorce. In this situation, they can create a mutually satisfactory settlement agreement outside of court, thus avoiding further court intrusion. However, if they cannot see eye to eye on matters such as property division, a judge will have to resolve these issues for them. Either way, an attorney in Colorado will push for his or her client’s best interests during each stage of the divorce proceeding. At CCB, we encourage our clients to make themselves a priority and to create the life they wish to have.