Alleged drunk driving leads to a manslaughter charge

Alleged drunk driving leads to a manslaughter charge

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When a 19-year-old man made the bad decision to drink and drive, the results were deadly. As reported by Denver station KDVR-TV, the alleged drunken driver’s passenger died in the crash he caused in Golden.

An officer with the Golden Police Department clocked the driver doing 90 mph just prior to the fiery impact with an SUV occupied by a driver and two passengers. As the three dashed out of the vehicles, two of them were aflame and had to be rescued with a fire extinguisher used by the police.

Charges include vehicular manslaughter

While the teen faces a slew of charges, the most serious is vehicular manslaughter. The less serious charges include:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Driving with no valid license
  • Reckless driving
  • Vehicular assault

The criminal charges will have to play out in court. But for those three injured in the fiery accident and the survivors of the woman who was killed, there will be lingering reverberations.

Facing the future after an accident

Injuries from serious car accidents can be permanent and life-altering — especially burns. While the conditions of the three injured parties remain unknown, they could face six-figure medical bills and be unable to work for months. They could even remain permanently disabled and unable to remain gainfully employed.

If someone who got killed in an accident caused by an at-fault driver was a primary (or even secondary) earner for their family, their dependents will suffer not just from the loss of the individual, but economically as well.

Seeking compensation becomes a necessity

If you or someone you love faces similar circumstances, you may need to seek civil redress for your injuries, losses and damages by filing a claim for damages after the accident. You shouldn’t have to suffer for another person’s foolish mistakes.