What should you do immediately after a wrongful death?

What should you do immediately after a wrongful death?

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When you were driving to visit a family member, you never expected that your vehicle would get hit by a large truck. You were in your lane and traveling at a safe speed when the truck pushed into your lane and caused a serious crash.

Unfortunately, the damage to your vehicle was severe, and your spouse passed away from their injuries. Now, you want to take steps to make sure you can get compensation for what they’ve been through and the impact their death has had on you.

Immediately after a wrongful death, take these steps

Immediately after losing someone in a serious accident, you do need to take steps to manage the case.

  1. Make sure your report the death if you haven’t already. Call 911 to the scene of the accident and make sure that your loved one is taken to the hospital and their death is appropriately managed.
  2. Take steps to document the accident. Take photos, keep records of important medical documents, keep copies of police reports and get witness information to pass on to your attorney.
  3. Consider reaching out to a wrongful death attorney to find out more about your next steps to filing a claim. If the other party has insurance, you may be able to make a claim directly. If that insurance company calls you, don’t agree to settle before you have a chance to look into your rights and responsibilities.

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking, but the right help can make a difference in how the case is handled and how you move forward. Damages in a wrongful death lawsuit may help you cover the financial losses that you’re suffering as a result of your loved one’s death. You may also be able to seek financial support and coverage for their medical care, funeral expenses and other financial impacts caused by their death. On top of this, punitive damages may also be a possibility.

It’s difficult to go through losing a loved one, but you do have options. With the right help, you can move forward and protect your right to fair compensation from the help of a Westminster wrongful death lawyer for what you and your loved one went through.